US EPA Moves Up SD Dicamba Cut-off Date for Soybean Applications

The EPA has approved labels for over-the-top dicamba applications (XtendiMax, Engenia and Tavium herbicides) for 2023 in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.
The revised labeling prevents the use of dicamba application on dicamba tolerant crops after June 20, earlier in the growing season, to lessen the potential for dicamba to volatilize and drift off site. Dicamba is a herbicide sprayed over-the-top of genetically engineered soybeans tolerant to the active ingredient in dicamba to control certain types of broadleaf weeds.
“Dicamba products are an important tool our farmers need to protect their crops,” said DANR Secretary Hunter Roberts. “The proposed change allows for their continued use while minimizing the risk of damage caused by off target movement of dicamba products.”
Pesticide dealers and applicators in South Dakota must be licensed and must follow product label instructions including application timing restrictions.
Growers and applicators are also required to check online versions of the label within 7 days before application in case there are any newly applied state or federal updates, as well as complete the pre-season training.  For more information on the labels, as well as available training, check out the SD DANR Dicamba website.