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Supporting or blocking legislation or policy that can affect your business can be of vital importance to your company's future. Your membership ensures your voice is heard...loudly. The issues that concern you and your business are affecting others in your industry. SDABA gives you the voice of the entire industry behind you.

  • SDABA Political Action Committee: This non-profit entity contributes to members of the South Dakota Legislature who stand with us on agri-business issues. Funding comes from sales of raffle tickets during the Ag Expo. And to make things easier, as of July 1, 2011, contributions can be made by companies to political action committees (SDCL 12-27-1), whereas before contributions could only be made by individuals.
  • Liaison with Government Agencies: The SDABA staff works directly with state and federal government agencies to represent you on issues of policy, procedure and practice.
  • State Representation: SDABA is a watchdog for the fertilizer and agrichemical industry in South Dakota. SDABA monitors government action having any influence on taxes, regulations, fees, and many other items which affect your business. Through lobbying efforts your voice is heard at our state capital.
  • National Representation: SDABA is affiliated with the Ag Retailers Association (ARA), CropLife Association (CLA), The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), and the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA). Through these associations we have yet another voice for our members at the nation's Capital.

The Executive Director serves as the representative before the South Dakota Legislature, state government, and Congress, lobbying for SDABA and advocating for its members.

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